Legal Disclaimers

  • European Performance Autohaus LLC is in no way affiliated with the Volkswagen / Audi Group. 
  • All parts unless otherwise noted are for offroad/show use only.  We are not responsible for any legal issues you may encounter from improperly using or installing any item sold from under the European Performance Autohaus name.
  • European Performance Autohaus LLC does not recommend altering your vehicle to remove any emissions devices.  We are not to be held responsible if you do and will not remove any factory installed emissions devices for you.
  • Tuning and Modifying your car always brings the risks and possibility of damage to the engine, other mechanical parts, or loss of warranty from your vehicle manufacturer.  Due to these mentioned potential risks; European Performance Autohaus LLC is in no way held responsible for any issues that may arise from tuning your vehicle. Please use any tuning device or aftermarket part at your own risk and consult with a professional (us) with any questions or concerns prior to modifying your vehicle. 


We do not offer a separate warranty on items purchased through us.  Please refer to the manufacturer if you experience any issues after it is purchased from us.  We will do our best to assist you in receiving a replacement or repairs.